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Download the Pôle Emploi APK for free on Android

Download the Pôle Emploi APK for free on Android

Pôle Emploi is dedicated to job seekers. Created in 2008, the organization’s mission is to welcome, advise, support, and ultimately compensate the unemployed. There are two services available: the first is for the unemployed, which informs them of their rights and allows them to apply online. It also provides them with sewing training. The second recruitment section is dedicated to professionals who can use it.


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Release 6.2.0 | Job Center Developer | Updated on 04/01/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later

What’s the point?

Pôle Employee is an administrative body formed as a result of the merger between ANPE (National Agency for Employment) and ASSEDIC. Its purpose is to eliminate unemployment in France. The site offers a variety of services to Internet users to expedite the professional integration of the unemployed. Thus, it simplifies the process for recruiters and job seekers through various specific applications.

News about P Emplole Employ

Based on the purpose of its work, Pôle emploi has developed several mobile applications to facilitate its work. Let’s see their features!

– “I hire”: a utility dedicated to employers

It is designed for professionals, employers or companies looking for a specific profile. Do you hire? Post an ad with this app. This is a simple way for companies to communicate with potential candidates.

This has the advantage of being synchronized with your employer location on the work center site. You can manage your interface as you see fit. Categorize the files of your future recruitment and contact them from the platform. Manage the release of your offers at your own pace and schedule deadlines or extensions if needed. In short, you boss and candidates are waiting for you!

Finally, this space allows you to evaluate the progress of your recruitment. It is expected that you will organize all the applications. To make it easier for you, P emplole emploi offers to do pre-selection. If problems arise, experts are ready to address your concerns.

– “My Space”: To reduce administrative procedures

This is a favorite application of job seekers in France. Thanks to this, you can manage your personal space from your smartphone. You can upload supporting documents, send letters and contact your consultant.

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With “My Space”, you can update your monthly situation to benefit from unemployment benefits.

– “My Privileges”: Learn about job opportunities

Visit the “My Offers” site to confirm your return to work. It is an ergonomic application that simplifies your job search. On a daily basis, more than a thousand workplaces are added. Most? Pôle Emploi checks every opportunity displayed. So all the offers were reviewed before being placed online.

Here you can import documents such as CV, cover letter or other supporting documents. It also provides a way to customize and monitor your application. It is necessary to publish your profile to show your talent.

– “My Training”: Improve Your Skills

If you are planning to attend any professional training, it is best to download this processor. It allows you to preview the content, objectives and ideas of learners of each volume. That way, you will know exactly what you are getting before you jump.

To proceed:

  • Select the modules according to your plan
  • Check your AIF (Personal Training Assistance) funding rating by your advisors. They will review your request and give you an objective opinion.
  • If accepted, schedule an appointment with the company involved to register.

– “Events”: Inform about professional activities near you

It will notify you of all employment related events in your area. So, forums, trainings, open doors of companies or other job dating will take place soon.

Offers that appear in this category are selected by Pôle emploi’s experts to ensure the seriousness of the work. By attending these events, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with the company involved. Then you will find different opportunities.

– “Pro Networks”: Professional advice to stay up to date

This application helps you and prepares you to enter the professional world. So, be prepared during your job interview and have suggestions for you to write your cover letter or your CV.

You will also have tips to help protect your online reputation. You will learn how to use social networks especially in a professional way. The application instructs you, for example, to take a photo or write a short presentation. You should also have a complete profile so you can start working at any time.

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How to use P emplole emploi applications?

Job seekers and employers, find out how the Pôle Emploi application works.

Register with Pôle Emploi

Registration for the application is done only through the official website of the site. If you want to use the app, it is mandatory to go through the online portal.

Then get started by visiting the Pôle emploi website. To access the form, click on “Register / Re-register”. You will then be asked for some information. Therefore, in addition to your title: name, address or date of birth, you should also mention the training classes you attended. You will also need to bring some supporting documents:

  • Your bank details
  • Your syllabus video
  • Your Certificates: Self-employed, employer or sick leave activity
  • Your old pay slips

Once this is done, you will need to complete your benefit application. After that, you will have access codes for your account. Here it is! Let the application start your process.

If you already have an account, ask, “Are you already registered with Pôle emploi?” The answer to the question is “yes”. You do not need to fill in your personal information, however, your previous identifiers will be requested. By registering in advance, you will have the opportunity to opt out of the interview with the consultant and supporting documents depending on the age of your file. On the other hand, a P emplole emploi certificate issued by your former employer can be useful in determining the amount of your pay.

Unsubscribe from Pôle Employ

When you are in the office, you can say off the stage. Here’s how:

  • Contact 3949 to talk to a consultant
  • Or go directly to the branch nearest to you
  • You can also submit the application on the P Emplole Emploi website.
    1. To do this, click on “My Personal Location” and then on “Submit a Complaint” in the “My Transactions with Pôle emploi” option.
    2. Select the “Submit Report” menu
    3. Make it clear that you want to voluntarily unsubscribe and delete your account
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How can I verify your email in Pôle Emploi?

Go to your personal space in “My Space” and access the “My mail” section.

User reviews in P emplole emploi

On Google Play, each of these apps is highly rated. However, they do offer some areas for improvement that are recommended by its users.

Benefits of Pile Employ

Performance of each application : Access to Pôle Emploi applications promotes return to work. In fact, a good number of users have already come out of unemployment for the performance of its applications.

Interface ergonomics : The interface is flexible and intuitive. It is easy to use. With a few clicks, you can send links, chat with a consultant, and find job opportunities. In addition, the app has set up a convenient “Favorites” section to record interesting opportunities.

Completeness of features : Application completed. You have everything you need: training, advice, finance and even job opportunities will be brought to you on stage. Not only does each type of service have unique interfaces, each application is synchronized to make updating easier.

Simplicity of administrative procedures : No need to go from city to city to file your files. Everything is done online and directly on your mobile through Pôle emploi applications.

Convenience for job seekers : All applications are as practical as ergonomics for job seekers. They make it possible to improve opportunities for professional restructuring with the help of their support staff.

Security : Your personal data is not collected by the publisher of the application. Pôle emploi makes the safety of your personal life a priority.

Negative user reviews

The long wait : Some users complain about the waiting time for consultants’ responses, especially when applying for AIF funding.

Diversity of applications : Pôle emploi wanted to dedicate specific applications, rather than grouping functions. You will need to download each of them to benefit from all the options. Maybe a single platform needs to be created to be more efficient.