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Sfondi imac m1

Download the official and colorful wallpapers of the new iMac M1

At yesterday’s event, Apple introduced the new iMac M1 in addition to the iPod Pro, which indicates that the M1 has a new Apple processor. But the processor is definitely not the only magical touch, in fact we see seven different colors that are truly unique in the PC world.

In this article you will find many official and colorful wallpapers.

The new Imax is here to show us the magic, seven colors are green, orange, yellow, red, blue, white and black. The thickness is reduced to almost an inch, so these computers are not only functional, but also beautiful.

However, the real star is the M1 processor, which has allowed the Imax to reduce thickness and weight. The diagonal of the display is 24 inches with a 4.5 inch Retina display resolution.

New Magic Mice and Magic Keyboard are colorful. The latter also has an integrated touch ID, making these keyboards the first parts of the world to have wireless biometric authentication. As for the rats, unfortunately, the charging cable still slips underneath.

The webcam offers 1080p resolution and has three microphones to make the conversation better during conferences. There are six speakers, three Dolby Atmos on each side and spatial audio.

Of course, Apple is not just thinking about exterior beauty and advanced components. But it also pays a lot of attention to the background, which actually makes it very good.

You can download all the official wallpapers in 6016 x 6016 pixels resolution. There are many of them, they represent the seven colors of Imax, so you also have a wide choice. Find a short preview below and find the link.

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