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Download the new certificate here

Posted by Roman June 09, 2021 at 2:15 p.m.

New freedoms for the French from this Wednesday, June 9th. While the interior reopening of some companies, the stuttering curfew order, and the return to normal life are in progress, the number of epidemics continues to fall. Warning After 11pm, you will still need a certificate. It can be found in this article.

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Restoration Step 3!

This Wednesday, June 9, marks the third phase of elimination. In fact, restaurants and bars can re-open indoors and sports halls are coming back. Actions that please the French and activities that allow them a Gradually returning to normal life.

Another primary action: The Change of curfew order. After 6pm, then 7pm, then 9pm, tonight, you can be out, in the restaurant, in the theater, in the cinema, up. 23 h. Be careful, though, that by 11pm, you should be home, so you should plan your return trip. The curfew order is in effect until the next day 6 p.m..

New certificate is available

If you want to leave by 11pm, you will need to bring a new updated certificate, which you can find Here. It is available in paper and digital version. You must also have an ID card in case of inspection.

This will be a must The right reason Such as work, health, judicial summons, transfer from station or airport or popular forced family purpose. Trips for pet needs are always possible after 11pm, certified and within a one-kilometer radius around the house. To get rid of this certificate, it is necessary to wait June 30. On that day, Emmanuel Macron announced that the curfew would be lifted to allow the French a better summer.

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