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Download the free Eppen Free-Press for December-January!

Download the free Eppen Free-Press for December-January!

It is said that everyone will be better off at Christmas. May be. Of course you get more time, so in early January, between New Year’s Eve and Befana. So, here you are Free-Press Epan’s December-January Magazine In the free download (and in the paper version attached to L’Eco di Bergamo).

Cover a Theater season, Which opens on December 14 at the Tonicetti Theater and is split Prose season (With Glauco Mauri, Company de Filippo due Signore, Anna Maria Guarnieri and Rosalina Neri, Lella Costa, Francesco Pannofino and Stefania Rocca) Other paths (With Emma Tonde, Marta Cuscuna, Marco Balliani and Pipo Delfono) Appointment with history (New section with César Brie and Fabrizio Gifuni) Edition Special events (Daniel Finci Pasca in Detro Social, Claudio Piccio and Andrea Pennachi in Tonicetti).

Then shows Community of Palazzolo Sul’Oclio For all tastes and ages; The end of JanuaryOpera Lyrica Again with Rosini in Tonicetti; The Tonicetti Christmas Day Dec. 3 to 5 in Bergamo; Dense season Greiberg; Stumbling stones, An urban art project dedicated to memory; The Christmas on the Pandemonium Teatro stage EI Toys at Christmas, Exhibition hosted by I Teatri dei Bambini and the Benedetto Ravasio Foundation; Christmas events Treviclio e Valpondion. But there is a lot more!

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In the meantime, we at Epan Editorial Board would like to congratulate you a little earlier
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!