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For everyone who wants to stay in touch with their loved ones or follow the messages of companies or personalities, Facebook is a must. This is a real reference to the American social network. Today it is difficult to be without a Facebook account. Also, the social platform has become a kind of addiction for many of us. While some jump a little in the morning, a little in the afternoon, a little in the evening and a little at night, others will just stick around on their smartphone day and night. Here we will explain in detail the main concepts of this social network so that you know exactly what kind of tool it is and what communication possibilities it offers.


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Facebook Developer | Updated on 09/29/2021

What is Facebook?

Initially, Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg for Harvard University students. Since 2006, the social network has been accessible to the general public since the age of 13. It is designed to “connect” people with information sharing, personal posts, audiovisual content or messages.

The main idea is to make contact with close colleagues, friends and family or people who share interests like you. It has grown exponentially since almost its inception. Today it has more than 2.4 billion users worldwide.

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What is Facebook used for?

Aside from allowing people to interact more or less, Facebook is a real advertising showcase from which companies benefit a lot. In all cases, and from an individual user’s point of view, Facebook helps:

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  • Post full albums or photos
  • Show your current thoughts and mood
  • Play with relatives or other network users
  • Share messages that stimulate the community of your contacts
  • Create similar interest communities or groups
  • Share audiovisual and multimedia content
  • Create polls to find out what other users think
  • Chat with your friends in real time
  • Meet interested new people like you
  • Stream live video

For free, registering on Facebook is very easy. All you have to do is go to and follow the instructions. You must provide a mobile number or email address. You must also provide personal information to your “profile”.

You will receive a confirmation email or SMS. Once you get to the main page, you can access the reception in the top menu with a single click. On the left, you will find icons that allow you to access different functions: pages, groups, friends, etc. At the center is your news feed. Posts of your contacts and pages you follow will appear here.

If you want to go to your profile, all you have to do is click on your first name, especially in the top bar. All your posts will appear here. You can see all the options for customizing your account.

The main advantages and disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook is a social network with many benefits. First, it gives you the opportunity to reunite with old classmates or old acquaintances. You can use it to share photos, messages or moods in real time. He can be a great partner in organizing events or getting to know himself. Along with the many strengths of Facebook, there are also some drawbacks that need to be taken into account.

In fact, you can not delete your Facebook profile permanently. Even after you remove it, it will still be there. This is the same for all the information you provided when creating it. So, if you want to have a good picture, be careful in including it, because many recruiters look. Another common concern today is that we spend a lot of time on it.

In other words, spending time on Facebook is fun, but very quickly you lose time and after an hour of browsing, you finally realize you haven’t done it. Finally, on Facebook, the terms of use and confidentiality rules are often opaque.

Various alternatives to Facebook

Looking for a good alternative to Facebook? In fact, there are interesting options based on the social networking site. Among the most interesting, we distinguish:


Known as the “social network you control”, Diaspora provides a basic functionality similar to Facebook. You can post and update positions, comment on other users’ posts, and share pictures and articles. You can also control who can view your messages, just like Facebook.

Additionally, you can create links to your Facebook profile from immigrants. What differentiates the diaspora is its decentralized structure. This is related to the background technique. This site is characterized by various networks called “pod”. Thus, user data is not centrally collected and stored by a provider. Infrastructure is distributed by users and maintained by data pieces.


A great Facebook alternative, social networking Vero launched in 2015. In many ways, Vero is like Facebook, Instagram, News Feed, Profile Structure and Timeline. However, the site offers very interesting and unique selling points. First, although chronological messages are displayed chronologically they are not pre-formatted by the algorithm. Additionally, you can divide contacts into four categories: “friends”, “followers”, “close friends” and “acquaintances”.