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Download the bulky, ‘dirty’ captured by camera traps

Download the bulky, ‘dirty’ captured by camera traps

Editorial Board
25 July 2021 09:33

A man unloads bulky waste from a van, near bins for street collection. The immortal image of ‘dirt’ has gone viral. The retake team, which has been overseeing the city’s decor for years, has provided a little wattage through its Facebook page to avoid punishing the authors of these gestures.

This shot, thanks to the photographic traps of the NAT team of the Rome Local Police Force, was released by representatives of citizens and organizations, including Daniel Diego, head of the Environment Commission in Cambidoglio:

Retake’s assets explained: “If you see someone unloading bulky waste illegally, you can report it by recording a complete video: who gets off it, from which car (with visible license plate), the waste they leave and what waste it handles.” You can send the complete video to [email protected] and [email protected] with information such as time and place.

Finally, they provided information on privacy-related conditions, explaining that a person’s face can be filmed in a public place “and must continue in all respects until it is sent exclusively to the recipients mentioned above in video mode”.

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