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Le passe sanitaire devient passe vaccinal : télécharger le projet de loi

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Future bill “ Vaccine pass Sent to State Council for comment. It will be submitted to the Council of Ministers on Monday for scrutiny by the Legislative Council on January 29, before the session hearing. Spreading the next Impact draft law “ Strengthening tools to manage the health crisis .

On the way to the National Assembly this speech, the government “ Intends to strengthen existing tools for managing the health crisis by replacing the existing Health Pass with the Vaccine Pass and further strengthening measures to combat fraud. He said in a statement.

If the law is passed, from January 15, 2021, the Health Pass “ Vaccine pass “For” Access to leisure activities, restaurants and beverage companies, exhibitions, seminars and trade shows and regional transportation “. It applies to everyone under the age of 12. A PCR test or recovery certificate will no longer be sufficient.

Nevertheless, the current health pass must be maintained to access health facilities. Except for emergencies, it is about patients in planned care and accompanying persons or visitors. Health pass holder can not “ Access to these services and organizations is denied only for reasons derived from the operating and safety rules of the institution or service, including health care. .

Vaccine pass and, in case of suspicion, identification document

Currently, Is not expected to provide official identification documents “ When law enforcement officers need these, .

Jean-Jacques Bordin, Oliver Warren, was summoned by the Minister of Health on Wednesday Pointed out : We are going to put identity verification in the text, we are going to put the possibility of verification of identity in certain situations..

This extension of the supervisory authority is provided in Article 1 of the Heart of the text. This article is 1 “ These documents strengthen the fight against fraud by increasing the level of applicable sanctions and allowing those responsible for verifying their presentation to verify the identity of their holder in case of suspicion. .

The person in charge of control when submitting a vaccination license “ If in doubt “, Presentation” Official identity document .

This obligation to issue an ID card or passport is valid for leisure activities, restaurants or bars, exhibitions, seminars, exhibitions, supermarkets and major train journeys.

Tensions, low performance and omigron

To justify these identity checks on individuals by other private individuals, the government, in addition to switching to the vaccine pass, “ The health system (…) is under high stress, while interventions that should have been postponed during previous waves need to be republished and other viruses are actively spreading in the winter. .

In addition, “ The effectiveness of the protection provided by the vaccine decreases over time, necessitating the injection of a booster dose to maintain adequate immunity, and more than one million people identified as at risk have not yet started the vaccination schedule. .

In the Omicron variant, “ The first studies clearly reveal an infection than other strains in circulation “And report to admin” At least partial immunosuppression, although messenger ribonucleic acid vaccines appear to provide significant protection against severe forms, especially after a booster dose is given .

We will go into more detail about the functions of the text, especially its article 2 related to data processing. (Should be considered in defining the consequences of Article 3 on isolation and control measures. Results June 4, 2021 unrelated to the Council’s health crisis).

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The text should be formed according to the opinion of the State Council and beyond, the work of amendments.