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Download Rockstar Games Launcher for free on Futura

Download Rockstar Games Launcher for free on Futura

Rockstar Games Launcher This fast and easy-to-use launcher provides players with faster access to games released by Rockstar Games, but is only available to Windows 10 users.

From the Rockstar Games Launcher, you can find, buy and play games directly on the platform without having to go through a web browser or a third-party purchasing site. To access the launcher content they must first create a free Rockstar Community Club account. Used at the end of 2021, this launcher still contains only video games and paid content, unlike other generic cloud gaming platforms with no playable demos or small free games Steam, PlayStation Now or Stadia.

Thus, players can buy and play blockbusters created by Rockstar games such as Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne or the Grand Theft Auto Series (San Andreas, Vice City, GTA V, etc.). The Rockstar Games Launcher interface has been translated into many languages, including French, and is streamlined and easy to use.

Choose one of the games from the store or from the homepage with exclusive games. Each game has a detailed file with screen shots, videos, description, technical specifications and all the necessary information about the game. If there are multiple versions, extensions, and sub-packages related to the game, they will be listed along with the purchase buttons. Select the subscription type you want to pick up and continue purchasing.

Once the game is purchased, the player can play it offline and access it from the launcher library.

If you already have Rockstar Games games, you can add them to your Rockstar Social Club account before installing the launcher and add them to the launcher library for quick access to all your games in one place.

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