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Download RAMMon 2.0.1000 |  Texpot

Download RAMMon 2.0.1000 | Texpot

RAMMon allows users to identify the manufacturer of their DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, XMP and EPP memory devices, clock speed and other data and some older memory types. It uses the SysInfo DLL SDK to store SPD attributes of RAM devices. This information provides a snapshot of the data available for each RAM module installed on the system.

What is SPD?

Serial Presence Detect (SPD) is a standard established by JEDEC for a host system to recover memory module properties. The SPD standard is designed to be used on any memory module, regardless of memory technology or module.

RAMMon displays the values ​​stored in the RAM module such as memory capacity, manufacturer, serial number, sample part number, supported CAS delays and module voltage.

Additionally, depending on your RAM type, other specific SPD data may also be recovered. Volume thickness, volume width, maximum operating temperature and so on.

Supported hardware

Although tested on about 20 different motherboard chipsets, we hope that the following chipsets will work without any problems. If you find a chipset not working, let us know by following the instructions in the “Support” section of the Help Guide. Send files created for further analysis.

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