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Download Professor Alpha Conte?

Download Professor Alpha Conte?

In the somewhat fragmented story of Professor Guido Alba, Giuseppe Conte says it is surprising that he is not his teacher or mentor. Scratches of tomato

If it is not far, we are near it. Interviewed Courier della sera, As Professor Guido Alba, “a failed biologist and accidentally a judge” He defined it Stefano Lorenzetto, while talking about his studies, partially refutes the notion that Giuseppe Conte left his school as a professor and lawyer. “He was already an assistant in civil law in Sabinsa – he said – when I got there in 1991. I was not his teacher or mentor. We worked together on a few practices and wrote the four hand book, but he was not a partner to me. He rented the studio to him and closed it as soon as he became prime minister, which seemed like a crime to me because I respect him so much, he was a great judge, but perhaps not so politically motivated, it seems to be understood.

Conte, on the other hand, did not even consult with Alba when he “unfortunately” decided to “dedicate himself to full-time politics”. “His public life – said Alpha – is independent of my opinions,” I think they were socialist, even if the professor did not tell the interviewer.

It is true that I would say that he was “very smart, very patient and very determined” as “Conte’s best advantage”, and the professor left us a particular surprise by talking about the “worst flaw”. Lack of “understanding of time” means “arriving late for meetings because you forgot to turn your clock”. Now that he is the leader of the 5 Star movement, we hope someone would have given him an automatic one, and he should have turned it inside out like a sock.

Is this normal – Lorenzo asked him – did he lead two successive governments of opposite identities? “I made the same objection to him,” the professor replied. Conde recalled with particular skepticism the “plan to continue with both coalitions” he mentioned after discharging the Northern League and taking over the Democratic government. The journalist asked him exactly what the plan was. Not only is he a devotee of Badre Pio, but listen to the response that seems obvious to me from the convent, which is somewhat familiar to the former Prime Minister. “Conte – said Alba – is deeply religious. He is very sensitive to social justice, fundamental rights, and the protection of the weak. He sees the image of Christ in them.” I feel close to the common people and the immigrants, ”I remembered, as a good socialist.

Asked if he had voted for Virginia Rocky in Rome by saying “Vote for luck in Genoa”, the professor tried to convince his interviewer that his Genoa, he sees “sympathetically pentostellati”. “Attempted to introduce new forms of political participation”. “But I find the task assigned to him by Conte difficult,” he concluded. Even the dearest friends of the world begin to realize this shortcoming, leaving behind his usual conception of life and taking a little of that certainty. Everyday event, He saw “in Risico” fighting with Grillino.