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Download Pictomio (Free) for Windows

If you are a photographer, Pictomio Definitely software that makes managing your photos easier. It can handle thousands of images and comes with many simple features.

Key Features :

-Image management: Pictomio Allows you to manage thousands of images without worrying about their shapes or sizes. You can add files by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer. -Language: In its library, Pictomio can organize your photos by category, by date, or by their EXIF ​​data. Depending on its criteria, you can sort or filter later. -Zoom function: It has a zoom function to see the image more closely. The expansion is done in a fluid way, you can not even see the changes. -Add geotech info: Pictomio Geotag lets you add information to your photos so you can see them on the map. However, in addition, you need to use another software like pictoGEO. – Viewer: This software has a simple viewer so that you can view an image in full screen, full size or in a slideshow. Note that you can navigate between your pictures in 3D mode. Intuitive interface: like the interface, Pictomio Provides you with a window similar to Windows Explorer that accesses your local directories. You can change the interface language and customize its settings to your liking.

Required structures :

-Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 -Processor: 1GHZ -Memory: 1GB -Disk space: 500MB

Further :

– Functional – Unlimited storage capacity

Less : Requires a powerful engine

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