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Download Mindmeister for free on Futura

Download Mindmeister for free on Futura

MindMeister is a platform that allows you to create mental maps. These maps are a simple and practical way to visualize your ideas in a coherent graphic format. Whether it’s the creation of a plan, the results of a brainwashing session or a to-do list, MindMeister is here to help.

You can use all the functionality of MindMeister on the web (online service) to open it directly from your web browser on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) or elsewhere. You can download any of the mobile apps for smartphone or tablet under Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch). The app is limited in features, but is very practical for editing or viewing your maps wherever you are.

What are the features of MindMeister?

MindMeister is a service that allows you to create mental maps. These cards should organize the ideas of a group or individual. They are very interesting in combining the ideas of a brainwashing session or project implementation meeting.

Using a map makes it possible to better organize information. Additionally, MindMeister allows you to collaborate on a single mental map so everyone can tweak it.

Everything in MindMeister is designed to help you design your ideas and tasks. There are many graphic themes and allow you to add colors to enhance the readability of the map. The layout is completely customizable and you are not stuck with a theme that does not suit you.

MindMeister lets you add notes, links, links, pictures, etc. This way you can get all the information you need in one place. Finally, MindMeister offers many options for sharing your maps or exporting them for inclusion in your presentations.

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Is MindMeister Free?

Yes, MindMeister offers a free program called MindMeister Basic. However, this is more like the demo version than anything else. In fact, it will only allow you to create 3 mental maps. On the other hand, it provides real-time cooperation and email support during issues. You can also import mental maps from other services such as X MindMindManager, Free mindEtc.

Then, MindMeister is divided into several fee offers (monthly subscription) and its functions vary. You can choose the offer according to your needs.

The MindMeister Personnel offer allows you to create unlimited cards, add links, export in PDF format or image, and print your cards. Of course, this also includes the features of the basic version.

The MindMeister Pro offer takes the content of the personal offer and adds more: Export Word Where Power PointAbility to add team members, admin account and sign in to your account Google Workspace.

Finally, the MindMeister Business offer takes everything the previous offer has to offer: the possibility of creating groups within your group, compatibility with exports and backups, the possibility of creating a customized group domain, group administrators, and preferential support by email, but also over the phone.