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Sfondi macos monterey

Download Magos Montessori Wallpapers in 6K

Apple released its new operating systems 24 hours a day, including the MacOS Montessori. The new operating system comes with two official wallpapers and they are available for download in full resolution. At our blog you can download not only Montessori wallpapers but also iOS 15 and iPados 15.

But before we look at the wallpapers, let’s take a look at some of the details in Magos Montreux. The latest version supports Mac shortcuts, and is a new Safari browser with innovative features, including Universal Control, Memoji login, power saving mode, and more. In particular, Universal Control allows you to control both Mac and iPod with a single keyboard or mouse.

One of the highlights of Magos Montreux is the new safari. We all know that it has always been a browser made by Apple, but in this version it also has a very modern look. The toolbar is clean and minimal, with support for group tabs, accessible from iPod or iPhone. SharePlay also supports iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

The beta of the operating system is already available to developers, but the public will have to wait until July. We’re talking about this in October for all users. But now let’s look at the background.

As expected at the beginning of the article, Magos Montreux includes a new official background, which is divided between light and dark areas. Background, in fact backgrounds are available at a resolution of 6016 x 6016 pixels. Below you will find a small preview, then you will find the link to download wallpapers in maximum resolution.

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Good download.