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Download Lazio, Self Certificate in Red Zone

Download Lazio, Self Certificate in Red Zone

Green light from CDM to mandate with new anti-Govt measures: From Monday, March 15 to April 6, areas with more than 250 weekly cases per 100,000 people will automatically go into the red zone. Of these, Lazio.

To be precise, covering April 3 to 5, Italy will all be in the red zone on Easter and Easter Mondays.

Self-certification is required to justify movements.

Click here Download the editable sample from the Ministry website.

A self-certification sample must be displayed during police inspections to justify the moves. We remind you that self-declaration is also available to police officers and that the check can be completed on time.

According to a legislative decree dated 16.05.2020, anyone who fails to comply with travel restrictions without a valid reason is subject to an administrative fine of 400 euros to 3,000 euros. If you use a vehicle for travel, for example if you travel by car, the fine can increase up to a third. If a citizen declares false information about self-certification (e.g. he gives a false reason for moving) he will respond to the false notification at the criminal level (Section 495 of the Criminal Code). Also, anyone who violates isolated duties in the event of a positive Govt 19 faces up to 5 years in prison.

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