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KFC cancels cooperation in China for violating anti-Govt rules -

KFC cancels cooperation in China for violating anti-Govt rules –

Kensh’s impact This is a big event KFC To cancel, in various cities of China, the Collaboration Holds and creates the game for a large number of people inspired by various fast food restaurants Rows and Assemblies That Violation of the rules Govt-19 is ongoing due to infection.

Has collaboration Physical and sports bonuses Based on the impact of kensh, it can be obtained by ordering food at various KFCs in China. The initiative will last until March 21, but is being distributed Play special In the limited edition, dedicated to Noel and Tiluk, he drove the crowd crazy.

Long queues and crowds have formed outside of numerous KFC restaurants in China Cancellation of events The lack of distance between individuals leaving sales points is not to violate the anti-Covit-19 rules.

However, a unique feature of this initiative is that, according to the rules, users must explicitly claim a bonus dedicated to Jenshi’s impact when ordering food. To be precise, the customer must Shout out At the counter “Let’s meet in another world and enjoy delicious food!” Or something like that.

The effects are well summed up Video In a recent tweet describing the confusion that has arisen from this collaboration between the impact of KFC and Jenshi, Daniel Ahmed revealed:The expression of the poor woman of the cashier At the end of the video.

Condition Crazy This is clearly seen in the photos shown in other tweets inspired by the initiative, and we list some of them below. Meanwhile, Kenshi’s impact continues its evolution with the 1.4 update, while at the same time continuing its amazing success on mobile, where it records incredible stats.

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