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Der NASA-Rover Perseverance (picture alliance / Newscom

Diligence shoots the rays for the first time

U.S. The Mars rover “diligently” tried its laser for the first time and sent audio recordings of the experiment to Earth.

The US space agency NASA has announced that their Mars rover has used its so-called “super game” for the first time. With the scientific instrument, the rover can explore the rocks on Mars. The data from the first test were sent to Earth. They show that the condition of the “super game” is very good.

“Super Game” also sent out several audio recordings. Among other things, you can hear how the laser fired 30 times at a stone three meters away. NASA says it can draw conclusions about the structure and hardness of rock from differences in the size of different laser shots. A measuring device weighing 5.6 kilograms is attached to the top of the Mars rover.

“Perseverance” means exploring Mars for about two years

Mars Rover is the size of a small car that weighs a ton. He landed on a dry lake on Mars on February 18th. “Perseverance” means exploring this former lake with a diameter of about 45 kilometers over the next two years.

The rover will search for traces of past microbial life on Mars and study the planet’s climate and geography. “Perseverance” currently checks the status of its devices. But he has already completed his first successful Test drive.

This news was broadcast on March 12, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.