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Download L0phtcrack, How to use it?  - Corban

Download L0phtcrack, How to use it? – Corban

The story of L0phtcrack

L0pthcrack was released in November 1997. At the time, it was one of the first Windows operating system password audit tools. “Auditing” should not be called “cracking” because at that time, there were more hackers than legal defense experts. Therefore, an 8-character Windows password could be easily cracked by a small computer (such as the Pentium 100 MHz) with Broadforce technology within 24 hours.

Thanks to L0pthcrack or not, Microsoft has changed its Windows passwords hashing algorithm (LANMAN) to NTLM. Obviously, L0phtcrack is well suited to provide later NTLM support as well. Early in its life, it was only a testament to the software concept, combining the graphical interface developed by Weldbond and the graphic interface developed by Jeremy Allison’s third-party software, PWDUMP.

The L0pthcrack version was released on December 1.5, 1997, a breakthrough that made it one of the most commercially successful, specially finalized. Finally an all-in-one bentest tool with a graphical interface! Suffice it to say a revolution for the time being!

A major innovation in 2001 was the provision of distributed cracks, i.e. the use of power by multiple machines. L0phtcrack was later denied in several editions and sold under license.

Until May 2001 it was a real success when L0pht Heavy Industries merged with security company @Stake. From there, updates were intermittent until Symantec acquired @Stake in 2004.

4 years later, on December 31, 2008, L0phtcrack was purchased by its creators Madge (Peter Jatko), Chris Visobal (Veracott), and Christian Riox of Symantec. Password auditing software will then return under the L0pht Heavy Industries flag. Then in 2020, Terahash acquired L0phtCrack.

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As you can imagine, things go wrong and L0phtCrack is bought back by its founders through a holding company (L0pht Holdings). Improvements then freeze completely and L0phtcrack is no longer equal.

Then, surprise! October 17, 2021, L0phtcrack bass and open source ! The tool still uses rogue power and dictionaries (rainbow tables) and can combine 2 methods to conduct hybrid attacks on Windows passwords and Linux passwords. Obviously, you can choose the methods you want.

Where to download L0phtcrack? Free download and no cracks!

To download and install L0phtcrack, you need to have a Windows system and Go to this url.

You can find the source code for L0phtcrack, but you can also find compiled versions (.exe) for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Since the tool is distributed in open source, it is free and L0phtcrack cra no longer requires cracking.

Except, The sources are in the kitlap here (A contestant for the kit I mentioned earlier here.)

How to use LoftCrack in Windows 7, 10 and 11? Tutorial!

To use L0phtcrack, nothing could be simpler. Launch the tool and click on the “Password Audit Wizard” button.

The wizard is simply a wizard that allows you to audit / crack Windows passwords on a computer.

The first question is which operating system do you want to recover password hashes from? Because yes, with L0phtcrack, you can audit Unix / Linux passwords in addition to Windows.

For this L0phtcrack tutorial, I have selected a Windows machine. Select the machine you want to attack. It may be a local machine, but it may also be a remote machine that you can operate (you must be an administrator and the machine must be on a domain).

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You can also attack a trash can with PWDump, FGDump … etc.

At this point you need to specify the Windows account that has the ability to extract Windows hashes. This is a local or remote administrator account.

It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Quick audits with a small dictionary or complex audits with rude and hybrid attacks.

For the report, you can choose to export in CSV, HTML or XML and, above all, indicate whether you want to display the found passwords and their hashes.

It is only there to start the attack or to plan its start. For example when you do not use your machine at night.

And here it is! L0phtcrack will then start cracking the Windows / Unix password. The rest depends on time and mechanical power.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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