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Download iOS 15 Wallpapers in 4K

Download iOS 15 Wallpapers in 4K

At the WWDC annual conference, Apple unveiled the new iOS 15, which I personally was not very excited about.

But in this article we will talk not only about the news provided by Apple, but also about the most recently released official wallpapers.

The presentation started with the FaceTime message, but rather than the news, they were viewed and super used by people like me who work remotely.

For example, a white grid or a blurred background on a new stage or a person starting to speak. The interesting thing is that I have spatial audio. One feature that allows the listener to be at the center of the transition, even for the speaker, is to eliminate all background noise.

Finally, with Google Meetings and Zoom, you can create links to share with others and start new video calling sessions. The good thing is, the links work on both Android and Windows devices (I think that’s the minimum).


On the other hand, less interesting functionality is Shareplay, which I do not see much use for, in which you can share movies with Apple Music or Apple TV +.

Apple has announced that developers will also release APIs to integrate it into their own apps such as Tick Tock.

You can use more than one FaceTime-enabled device at the same time, such as the Apple TV.

IOS 15 Wallpapers

Finally, you can share your screen with FaceTime.

And minor improvements in iMessage. Now photos sent on iOS 15 will have a different and beautiful layout, and it will also help to swipe to see the photos.

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Other new features in iOS 15 include Love Text, Apple’s response to Google Lens. One of the nice features is the ability to select and copy text directly from images. Very useful function, even if you have to see its accuracy in real life.

Finally, Apple is bringing a breath of fresh air to the maps. Very comprehensive, 3D cities are in standard version and details about relief. These 3D modes are only available in 8 cities and show the city not only during the day but also at night. It also improves 3D navigation.

Maps ios 15

With iOS 15 the Apple Wallet is enriched with new features, such as the ability to store not only car keys (now only BMW), but also home keys or hotel keys. Finally, you can save your ID in the United States, which is also valid for security breaches at airports.

Let’s talk about official wallpapers now. IOS 15 comes with eight official wallpapers that reflect both light mode and dark mode. Wallpapers are available in original resolution of 3162 x 2p3162 pixels. Below you will find a small preview and the link to download the full package.