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Account fraud costs WhatsApp users with 2FA codes

Account fraud costs WhatsApp users with 2FA codes

Fraudsters are trying to use WhatsApp to access users’ data. In the present case, the ambassador is a target for criminals. Now even the LKA Lower Saxony warns.

WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world. Another reason why the ambassador continues to come to the attention of fraudsters. They currently send messages disguised as contacts to unknown users, asking them to send a 6-digit code. TECHBOOK reveals why you should not respond to messages under any circumstances.

Fraudsters want to hijack your WhatsApp account code!

First: Fraud with codes is nothing new. In early December 2020, fraudsters tried to hijack the victims’ WhatsApp accounts. However, now more and more cases are happening again, which is why State Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony Warns about fraud.

Fraudsters do this as follows. You are using an already hacked WhatsApp account and sending extra messages in someone else’s name to saved contacts. In them they ask for a 6-digit code, which the recipient must have received via SMS. News like this:

“Hello sorry, I accidentally sent you a 6-digit code via SMS. Can you please send it to me? This is urgent.”

Via LKA Lower Saxony

In fact, shortly before receiving the messages, a code was received via SMS on the victim’s cell phone. However, users should never send this to others – friends or not! This is a security code that is automatically generated by WhatsApp, which is used to verify your WhatsApp account. For example, it is necessary to reset it on another device. But that is exactly what the fraudsters want. You are using the code to hijack WhatsApp account and retrieve victim data. With the new contacts you have created, you can continue your fraud.

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How can users protect themselves?

Quite simply, do not send the WhatsApp security code received via SMS to anyone else. Regardless of whether you know them or not. The phrase “Do not share this code with anyone” should actually be taken.

You can protect your WhatsApp account with two factor authentication. To access your chats, you will need a code that will be sent to you individually on the stored mobile number. This should not confuse the aforementioned security code. Even if strangers succeed in hijacking your WhatsApp account, they will still need a two-factor authentication code to access chats.

Verification can be set up in two steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three dots icon in the top right corner
  • Now go to “Settings” and “Account”
  • Here you will find “two step verification”
  • Activate it and set the 6 digit code so that only you know

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WhatsApp account hijacked – what to do?

Warning If the scammers arrive too late and are already able to hijack your WhatsApp account, you need to take action. WhatsApp provides instructions on its help pageHow to proceed.

In this case, users will need to log in to Messenger again and verify their phone number. You will be sent a security code for this. Once you enter this and confirm it, what the fraudsters did will happen in no other way. You will be automatically logged out of WhatsApp and the real owner of the account will sign in again.

WhatsApp, meanwhile, says that if criminals set themselves up with two-factor authentication, users would have to wait seven days to sign in without a two-step verification code. The unauthorized person has not yet logged out of the account.

At least a little comfort: because of the final first-to-last encryption, criminals have no access to previous chat histories. Because they are stored directly on the device of the owner of the WhatsApp account.