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Download Guide to Defend Against Fake News about the Wolf

Download Guide to Defend Against Fake News about the Wolf

The wolf, for better or worse, is often the protagonist of false news, in media and social networks. But what is the boundary between truth and myth? How to cultivate the right critical sense? And what are the main hoaxes spread over the years?

“Lupus in Buffalo. Practical Guide for Accurate Information ” Answers these and many more questions, along with readers about the discovery of an animal that lives in European regions and is often plagued by misinformation. The new launch project stems from the collaboration of the two Life Wolf Alps EU, European project born in 2019 with the main aim of improving coexistence between the wolf and the people living and working in the Alps, A debugging portal for dealing with hoaxes and fake news.

Guide, available In Italian and English, Is divided into Six chapters Those who explain who the wolf lives in the Alps provide examples of real-life cases of misinformation about the animal in recent years and point out the most appropriate tools and methods to contribute personally. Sharing verified and accurate messages.

“Living with a Wolf – Explains Laura Chillidani, Communication Manager LIFE WolfAlps EU – MUSE – A challenge, an ambitious and fundamental purpose, innovative in the history of our thousands of relationships with species. The wolf is an attractive breed that has symbolic meanings and is capable of evoking mixed and sometimes intense emotions. The love-hate relationship is often beyond real administrative boundaries and leads different actors to take pages at polarized ends. The wolf is an attractive topic for all these fake news. The wolf attracts attention, does not render indifference, attracts clicks and comments on the web. However, misinformation does not lead to anything: whether the animal is demon-possessed, or whether the story is sweet. There is a real animal between the demonic beast and the silkworm, the wolf, which we should really try to live with together. Knowing them is a good basis for doing so. “

So the need to create “Lupus in Buffalo” is available for download here Link, Per Resisting misinformation about the wolf.

“Manual – Scillitani continues – there Provides useful tips for detecting fake news and developing a critical attitude. There are many kinds of fake news about wolves: from changing the context of the news (videos – or photos – filmed in one place to being told in another), false reports of attacks or attacks, dogs are mistaken for wolves. But stories that sanctify the wolf should be avoided, and articles that speak well of wolves that allow themselves to be approached and fed are very misleading.

Six chapters

1. LIFE WolfAlps EU and news verification. The importance of the LWA EU plan and accurate information

2. Nice to meet you, I am a wolf living in the Alps. Answers to frequently asked questions about the wolf
3. How to check wolf messages: Notes and tools. What happens when misinformation and the wolf story meet
4. Between Myth and Truth: Common and Misconceptions About the Wolf. Deleting frequently coming stories
5. Glossary. The importance of using the right words
6. Challenge yourself! Crosswords, quizzes and solutions

Download “Lupus in Bufala” from the LIFE WolfAlps EU Project website

Life Wolf Alps EU (LWA EU) is a European program funded under the program Life is natural and biodiversity It forms the international partnership of twenty different companies and is the beneficiary of the support of six co-financiers. Launched in September 2019, the project, which aims to improve coexistence between wolves and people living and working in the Alps, and to develop and implement solutions that ensure the long-term survival of animals, will end in September 2024. Search ‘section.

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Source: Muse Press Release