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Download Edge Free for PC, Mac, iOS

Download Edge Free for PC, Mac, iOS

Determined to pit its web browser against Chrome and other competitors, Microsoft will enrich Edge with many practical functions such as an image editor, calculator, dictionary and translator.

Over the years, Microsoft has been able to dominate its Internet Explorer web browser. A long essential note, the tool is progressively broken. Constant security breaches, slowness, bugs, crashes, lack of adaptation to new web standards… Internet Explorer has been subject to derision from both Internet users and developers. Until its end, recorded on June 15: After 27 years of loyal — but not essential — services, Microsoft has finally decided to bury Internet Explorer.

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft never left its operating system without a home web browser. Also, in 2015, the company launched Edge Legacy, a new browser based on the Edge HTML engine installed on Windows 10-equipped computers. A bitter defeat. The browser did not receive the expected success. It was already behind its time when it came out. It does not take into account extensions, some annoying bugs and above all, installed in the heart of Windows, it often imposed itself even if it was not configured as the default browser. Most internet users only use Edge to download another browser, as it already existed in Internet Explorer.

But in 2020, Microsoft is changing strategy. Edge Legacy was abandoned in favor of… Edge (Microsoft has always been very good at maintaining confusion). Exit the internal EdgeHTML engine. Edge this time adopts Chromium, the same base as Google Chrome. A capital and clear decision finally opens the path to success. In addition to many similarities with Google Chrome (a classic interface, less confusing tab management, etc.), Edge apparently allows synchronization with Microsoft accounts. Like Chrome with Google Accounts, it provides direct access to tools from the Microsoft 365 online suite. So, in April 2022, according to StatCounter, Microsoft was in third place in the world platform for web browsers in all media. Google Chrome is still in the lead, and Safari is just ahead of Firefox.

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Microsoft struggles with all fonts, as its browser is available on Windows, but also on macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. And, on Windows, Microsoft won’t miss the slightest chance to impose Edge as the default browser. For example, queries made in the Windows search box will inevitably lead to Edge opening as soon as the results appear on the web. Also, it is still impossible to remove Edge from Windows at the risk of compromising system stability.

Microsoft Edge 103: What’s New?

Fast, stable, efficient and developers can dedicate extensions (just like Google Chrome), however, Edge attracts all the attention of Microsoft, which dedicates regular updates. The new version 103 (which has the same number as Chrome’s latest version…) thus brings its share of new features towards the world of games.

A new gaming category. Edge’s home page naturally focuses on a string of news stories (economics, health, TV, sports, etc.). Version 103 adds the Gaming tab. In the program, Video Game News is, of course, direct access to your streaming games for users who subscribe to Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription game service. Note however that this function is not yet used in France. A simple matter of timing.

Access to small online games. A new button will appear on the toolbar. Relaxingly named Games, it gives you access to many mini games to pass the time. The Games button is not enabled by default. Go to settings appearance For division Buttons to display on toolbar To implement it.

Improved display quality. Clarity Boost. This is the name given by Microsoft to the Edge functionality, which allows for online games to increase the sharpness of games through the browser. Once the game (compatible) is launched, it is enough to activate it through the menu.

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A less greedy method. Edge already allows tabs to be paused when they are not displayed. Version 103 of the browser pushes the plug-in even further and enables it to automatically reduce its activity once it detects that the game has been launched, leaving maximum memory (RAM) and processor and graphics resources. This option must be enabled in the browser settings in the Settings and Performance section.

Microsoft Edge: What new features are planned?

Microsoft isn’t going to stop at such a fine line to perfect its browser, which takes hairs from the beast. Some new tools are expected in the next releases.

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Convenient applications. A calculator, a unit converter and a connection speed tester will appear in the browser in the coming weeks. A dictionary and translator are also included in the program at an unknown date.

An image editor. To save time and quickly retouch an image without needing to open the Photos app that comes with Windows, Edge should also integrate a quick retouching tool. According to Leopeva64-2, an active member of the Reddit platform, Microsoft is looking for news, and this functionality will include some tools that the publisher’s photos are in use.

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