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Download Complete Applications

Download Complete Applications

They drain your phone’s battery all day long … Calls from telephone prospectors are a whip for many French people.

When faced with these intrusive communications, you never really know How to react : If we respond, the operator can persuade us to subscribe to a service that we do not need. If we do not respond or disconnect, you can call back without interruption. In any case, you need to manage some forms TortureThis will quickly become annoying.

BlocTel: Inefficient service?

To prevent companies from contacting you in this way, the government has set up a BlocTel service, which you can register online. In short, it removes your phone number from vendors’ accessible listings. But that is the problem Only 850 companies subscribe to BlocTelSo follow the rules, the statements franceinfo. Therefore, this service may not be sufficient to effectively eliminate direct sellers.

You can find the solution on the Mobile Apps page … On Android or Apple, you can often install this software for free, which filters calls for you. Find out in our slideshow the list of apps for blocking cold calls on your smartphone.

Canvassing: How Do Tele Operators Target You?

Wondering how sellers found your phone number? Often they are accessible Personal databasesThey work legally: because without paying attention to it, you have given your consent by signing a contract, for example, signing a contract, online purchase or service.