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Mac Mini M1: There are also RAM and SST upgrades in the East.  Here's how (don't do it at home)

Mac Mini M1: There are also RAM and SST upgrades in the East. Here’s how (don’t do it at home)

Apple systems can be expanded over several generations (anyway), depending on memory and storage space, once purchased: The components are dissolved directly in the logic board In fact, it is important to carefully consider your needs at the time of purchase and choose the right model even with perspective.

But what if we sometimes want more from our car? You can always Sell ​​components and try to replace them, But certainly not a function that is accessible to everyone, and above all, we need to know what we are doing The guarantee is vacuum.

A concern, a concern of warranty, which had little effect on some unidentified Chinese “maintenance engineers”. “Guinea Pig” was seen as a Mac mini system based on the latest M1 platform.

Using a special soldering station, and with professional tools suitable for the purpose, managed by mysterious engineers Remove RAM chips and flash memory chips from their home for storage, Replacing them with more efficient components. So with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage the Mac Mini will be converted to 16GB and 1TB respectively.

We said that it is not a function that is accessible to everyone: you can not sell chips from a logic board without damaging anything This requires both the right skills and the right tools, Which also applies to the welding operations of new components. Not only that: the latter is also difficult to find for consumers, thus setting the task aside for professionals.

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Unfortunately, details of the process were not available and were shared on Twitter by a user who splits information sources and Oriental social media. As far as we know, the screen shot of the disk utility program in MacOS is the only evidence that the operation will not be successful.