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Good meeting.  The first municipal flower competition

Good meeting. The first municipal flower competition

Townhall has decided to launch this year’s individual home flowering competition: Rules for Maisons et Balcons Fleuris 2022 are available on the city’s website:

Organized at the municipal level, the competition aims to “salute and reward the actions of citizens in support of decoration and prosperity.” […] Thus contributing to the improvement of the living environment and the image of the municipality “.

Community residents are invited to compete in one or two categories: gardens and small gardens; Balconies and terraces. The competition will be held on the basis of voluntary and free entries.

The municipality’s website allows you to download the participation form, which must be completed and signed at the town hall by the end of April.

The document describes various criteria – aesthetic but not ecological – which makes it possible to make decisions among the participants.

An arbitral tribunal consisting of selected officers, Green Space staff and representatives from the voluntary sector will be responsible for awarding the marks.

Prizes will be awarded to the first three in both categories. Winners may be nominated for the Villas and Villages Floris competition organized by the Department.

All winners will be honored at a reception hosted at City Hall.

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