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Doom, thanks for collecting even more ghosts on the switch

Doom, thanks for collecting even more ghosts on the switch

Apparently this is going to come on the Nintendo Switch Massive collection of video games from Doom Saga, A popular hell shooter who has been with FPS fans since 1993. Appeared on the list of some US resale sites such as Video Game Collection Buy the best, And will be announced during the Quakon show tonight.

According to the leaks, the collection was called Collection of killers Coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console on September 2nd. The bundle, which has already been available on the PS4 and Xbox One in the past, will come on the switch with minor additions. The video games included in the collection are actually the first Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom (2016) E, Sorpressa, Doom 64, A video game, as the name implies, was made specifically for the Nintendo 64 console.

This collection, as can be seen from the titles, covers the entire history of the Saga from 1993 until a few years ago, when this comment was taken by Bethesda. All video games included in the collection are already included separately in the Nintendo ESHO, and are also available in some physics versions. The last video game released in Saga, Appeal in Eternity is still missing. Panic Button. So the Slayers collection is available in the physics version.

Doom is one of the sagas that fans and players never fail to support. For example, someone who came recently Duke Nokem Adding Mode, But it is the developers who are investing time and interest in these projects: John Romero, the author of the first video games on saga and earthquake these days, is working on Sigil 2, the sequel to the unofficial episode. Ghost shooter. We told you about it This article.

If you have a doom game on every console, it’s time to switch to physics with miniatures and cardboard: You can find the Azmody board game on Amazon as follows This link.