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Google Maps: 8-Bit Map Platform – Entertainer brings old Google Map to old Nintendo (video)


Map site Google Maps Not only is it very visually appealing, it also uses modern technology to display maps, satellite images, street view recordings and more. Now, in a very interesting project, an entertainment expert shows that Google Maps can be used even on the most vulnerable hardware: especially since 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Google Maps 8 bit

Entertainment enthusiasts sometimes enjoy bringing modern applications to devices that are completely unsuitable for these purposes. We recently received you Stadia in e-reader Today there is a project of the same dimension: YouTube has shipped Google Maps to Ciplus Plus NES – the Nintendo Entertainment System since 1985, which is still well known today. Maybe one or another of our readers has such a device – I had one.

Google Maps 8 Bit Ness

The challenge is not only the boarding, if you like to call it, but of course the representation of surfaces with 8 bit color depth and excellent black graphics. In fact, activation is not a simulation, but a real link to Google Maps so you can move and zoom maps freely. Image data provided by the Google Maps API is then greatly reduced, converted to pixel metrics, and the dominant color in the respective blog is changed from a slim palette of NES options to a single color.

You can see how the whole thing is implemented in the image above and in the following video.

For this test, the entertainer needed not only access to the Google Maps API and NES, but also the Raspberry Pi 3A, which does real math work. The raspberry is still attached externally, but will then be integrated into an empty box displaying images for the NES. The NES itself processes the resulting data and cannot reduce it more or less directly. Provides an insight into the video system and future plans.

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The program is to be further expanded, including the aforementioned cartridge solution, but there are also features such as search functionality. It should be published for interested enthusiasts, it is always a good thing and will definitely have interesting learning effects for many developers to combine old and new technologies.

The whole project has been inspired by Google April Fool’s comedy since 2012, so after Pokemon Go, the next Google Maps April Fool’s comedy came into effect. You can see the video of the comedy at that time, which is similar to today’s interface In this video.

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