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Nintendo leaks possible text in iShop Nickelodeon brawler •

Nintendo leaks possible text in iShop Nickelodeon brawler •

Box design for the cartoon fighting game Nickelodeon All-Star Prowl has leaked some potential characters, for example Avatar or Ren and Stimpy.

Do you remember the good old cartoons like Cat Doc or Hey Arnold from Avatar to Sponge in Nickelodeon? The same stars of our youth will be fighting each other at La Smashpros at Nickelodeon All-Star Bra this year. Nintendo Aeshops already shows some characters in a work of art that can enter the arena.

Chat Picture is the box design of the game shown on the sales page. It is not yet fully known whether all the characters in the artwork will come into operation from the beginning, but it has already provided A noteWhat to expect.

For example, Sponge and Patrick will be in the game, already known from a trailer and not surprisingly, as popular as the two crazy sea creatures, but look at the other characters here:

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Overall, we welcome Avatar Aung and Corra, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Tortoise from April O’Neill, Cat Doc, Hey Arnold from Helka, Ren, Stimpy and Powder Toastman, Danny Phantom, Invader Jim, Lincoln and Lucy from Aho !!! Monsters, Rugrats reptile, Heinrich Archibald gooseberry and sponge, Patrick and Sandy can be found in the artwork.

If all of these nick stars make the stadium unsafe, there is definitely already a lot more people to choose from in the future. Who do you want to start with or is your favorite missing?

The cartoon fighting game is set to be released this year for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.