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Doom Eternity: PS5 update issues, Bethesda works to solve

Doom Eternity: PS5 update issues, Bethesda works to solve

A day agoDoom Eternal is the next generation console update, Which allows you to use more power PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X | S. Improve graphic rendering or add effects like ray tracing. However, for Sony users, things are not going the best way.

Update July 1st – Bethesda and IT software are aware of the problems faced in Europe and Australia with Doom Eternal Update for PS5, the company is working to solve, can be upgraded quickly without problems.

As is often the case with the PlayStation 5, the few hours that the update debuted were complicated, and many were unable to upgrade the first-person shooter for free. Fortunately Bethesda immediately rushed to the shelter Everything was resolved in the evening by releasing a product on the PlayStation Store to retrieve to get the update. But that’s not all, after downloading and installing the new version of Doom Eternal, players have found that there is no way to switch between versions. Campaign progress, So it needs to be restarted anew unlike what happens in the Xbox version, which uses the same save file for all versions.

We look forward to seeing if the company implements a solution to change savings, and we remind you that you can find a guide on our pages. PS5, Xbox Series X | How To Improve Doom Eternity For Free On S And PC.

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