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WhatsApp: Chats lassen sich künftig von iOS auf Android übertragen

WhatsApp: Chats can be transferred from iOS to Android in the future

Switching from Android to iOS and from iOS to Android has become easier and easier in recent years, WhatsApp is in the game, but you are always frustrated with changing chat history from one smartphone site to another. WhatsApp now wants to simplify the transition from iOS to Android.

Transforming a smartphone into an ecosystem WhatsApp does not have a backup associated with it and all contents, processes and settings can be changed without any problems, can only be transferred from an iPhone to an Android smartphone or from an iOS device to a device that sometimes requires more effort or specific WhatsApp versions. According to WABetaInfo WhatsApp officially plans to support both transfer directions, even if the beta versions only talk about Android for iOS.

Transfer by cable and QR code

It has long been reported that a function to change chat history is in development, and it exists now XDA Developers However, screenshots of the transfer process have been released, showing the new “Move chats to Android” function in the settings of WhatsApp iOS processor. However, this transfer does not work via wireless or cloud service, instead the iPhone and Android smartphone must be connected to each other via a USB-to-Lightning cable during the transfer. You can start the transfer on the iPhone and start using the scanned QR code on the Android smartphone. The iPhone must be unlocked during the transfer, otherwise it will shut down.

Although this functionality already appears in the beta of WhatsApp, it is not entirely clear when it will actually be available to users.

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WhatsApp can be used on many devices soon

Over the next two months, WhatsApp will also receive multiple device support – initially in the public beta. WhatsApp should be used on multiple devices without the main device with the saved phone number, usually the smartphone should be online. This restriction currently applies to the use of WhatsApp on a desktop computer. With multiple device support, WhatsApp can be used on desktop, tablet and other devices without an active smartphone, and all chats should always be synced.