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Ryunosuke Naruhodo The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Don’t Reject Nintendo Switch Players: Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Features Achievements – ntower

In a recent blog post The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Became a game director Masakasu Govt The various additional methods in the Ace Attorney title are explained in detail, which will appear in 3 days. The section on new ones is particularly interesting Agolates, A kind Record-settingIt was built for a remake of two parts of The Great Ace Attorney:

© Capcom Co., Ltd.


© Capcom Co., Ltd.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles appears not only for the Nintendo Switch, but also for the PlayStation 4 and Steam, where, unlike Nintendo’s hybrid console, there is a general file or record mode anyway. Built on all versions of the Agolates game, according to Govt. Do not discard Nintendo Switch gamers:

Quote from Masakasu Kouku

Compared to the PlayStation 4 trophies and Steam achievements, we have created a similar feature called “Agolates” for this title. We did this because we couldn’t stop thinking that Nintendo Switch Players shouldn’t be having fun after working so hard to create achievements for other platforms. For this reason we have created a special section in the game where you can find all the achievements.

If you want to know what Masakasu Couk says about the new storyline and special content like gallery and DLC early buyer bonus, read this The latest blog on The Great Ace Attorney website By

Are you happy that there will be an achievement pattern in the Nintendo Switch version of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles?

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