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Don't forget to download as many free PS Plus games for April 2021 as you can

Don’t forget to download as many free PS Plus games for April 2021 as you can

Esotech Rimini Plus Small Pool Solar Pump Kit with My Battery

Discover Article Features Rimini Plus My Small Pool Solar Pump Kit with Battery, Strong, Easy to Set Up, Create Water Sports in Your Small Pool or Basin Low Voltage Pool Pump (6-9V) Working With Solar Power: No power to bring, no safety issue … The Rimini Plus My Solar Pump Kit also works on a rechargeable battery (box inserted between the pump and the solar module): Depending on the charge level of the battery, the pump will operate continuously under clouds, and for some time in the evening. The switch located on the battery pack of the Rimini Plus My Pump system allows it to operate as needed. For guests after sun exposure: Battery recharge level (pump does not work), for subsequent use of the pump, even if without sun, battery recharge condition and pump operation, normal operating mode, to operate during cloudy periods following the pump, or in the evening, if the batteries are adequately charged : This is too much solar power to recharge the battery on a gray day, the battery can not take it because it can not be recharged, the flow rate of the Rimini pump is adjusted to the pump body as needed, the 5m cable provided with the Rimini pump allows the location of the solar panel to be optimized under the sun. In addition, the battery is supplied with a 1.4 m cable for connection to the solar panel, and also includes: 4 pump nozzle components + 4 different nozzle specifications. Key technical characteristics of the Rimini Plus My Solar Pool Pump Kit: Solar Panel: Power: 3.5 Wp, Nominal Voltage 6 V, Nominal Current 350 mA, Dimensions (LXWXH): 255 x 170 x 22 mm, Weight: 630 g, Adjustment is provided when loading the floor, battery: NiMh 6V / 1200 mAh, dimensions (L x W x H): 105 x 73 x 45 mm; Weight 215 g, protection IP44, autonomy: 1.5h with charged battery, cable: 1.5m, pump to connect to solar panel: max. Flow rate: 175 L / h (in direct sunlight), max. Distribution height: 60 cm, reference for estimating flow rate according to distribution height, see diagram in the photo, Cable: 5 m, Connect to battery Protection: IP68, Dimensions (L x WXH): 72 x 36 x 56 mm, Weight 240 g, 4 suction cups on bottom, inner diameter of pipe connection to be supplied if required for a small fountain: 8 or 10 mm, includes 4 nozzle components and 4 different nozzle tips. Tip: You do not have to insert the battery pack. You can connect the pump directly to the solar panel. You have more transfer power because the output voltage of the solar module is higher than the battery voltage.

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