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"Don't break me, you are making me dry ..."

“Don’t break me, you are making me dry …”

Relationship between Manuel Portusso and Lucrezia Selassic Al Big Brother VIP. The athlete no longer wanted the princess’ attention and called out to distance himself with very harsh words. Portuso did not like Lulu’s recent jealousy, and he did not appreciate the feeling established between Manuel and the former Tronista of men and women. Sophie Cotconi. “You paid a little attention to her last night that you didn’t give me. Tell me if something happens. I understand you very much. I want you to be. I don’t mean a world but at least a little bit.” Lucrezia complained.

Strict copy of Manuel Portuso

Manuel Portuso Lucrezia vehemently rejected Selassie: “If there are some of your attitudes that bother me, I will walk away. If you want to do this … You really make my pa ** dry, I swear to you. This has been the case since we were here. If I still lose my balance I will pretend it is not like me. Don’t break my teeth and leave me alone “. The swimmer reiterated that he had not entered Big Brother VIP To see a girlfriend: “I’m glad Marion hugs you, and you’m glad Sophie took my hand to dance. You are jealous, but why are you jealous? You make faces like ‘you did it with her, you don’t do it with me’, so what? I do it with anyone“.

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