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Nintendo Switch Online: What about 50 Hz or 60 Hz for Extended Pass N64 games?  Nintendo responds

Nintendo Switch Online: What about 50 Hz or 60 Hz for Extended Pass N64 games? Nintendo responds

For technical and logistical reasons, the frequency of the power network in Europe is not the same as in the United States and Japan. And as Framerate Television of the analogue era was based on this value, with video games of the day playing at 25 frames per second in Europe (Paul/சீகம்Up to 30 images per second across the Atlantic and over the archipelago (NTSC) Outside our continent, so was the supply Smooth and fast above all else, I.e. not all players have the same gaming experiences, on the viewing and audio side.

The problem no longer applies to new titles, but will reappear for older products carried on modern equipment. what will happen Nintendo 64 games are offered with a subscription Nintendo Switch Online + Pass D Extension From the end of the month? Comes from the builder Throw away the secret :

All Nintendo 64 games are available in North American / 60Hz versions, including the Nintendo Switch Online + Extra Pack. Some titles are also available in the European PAL version, with the option to select the game language.

So all N64 products will be delivered at 60 Hz., A rendering known to some in Europe. But for some experiments, version Paul Only available with a translation and 25 fps priority: this means above all else Other games are not available in French. The fate of mega drive games is not yet sealed.

Formula Nintendo Switch Online + Pass D Extension Scheduled for October at a date yet unknown. Is the newly released Nintendo Switch (OLED model) otherwise available? At 319.99 Fnac.

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