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WhatsApp: New button introduced - for a practical function

WhatsApp: New button introduced – for a practical function

Anyone who sends videos on WhatsApp can now disable them.

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WhatsApp, the messenger service, has a new function for sending videos in a few weeks. So far this is only available for beta version users.

Munich – WhatsApp news service often provides updates for the app that introduce new functions. When version was released, it was also in mid-February, for example, enabling detailed image processing and self-destructive messaging. Now there is another new button to mute the sound before sending the videos. This finding is, among other things, according to the portal smartdroid Initially only available to users of the beta version of the app, now all WhatsApp users can access it on Android.

“You can now mute the sound when sharing videos. Tap the Disable icon before sending, ”says the latest update on the Google Play Store. At Apple, the functionality was not initially listed in the current version in the App Store.

New WhatsApp Button on Android: Send videos without sound

In the Instagram app, which, like WhatsApp, belongs to the Facebook group, users have long been able to choose for their stories whether they want to publish their videos with original sound or not. This function is useful if, for example, you can hear annoying noises or inappropriate comments in the background. WhatsApp users can now decide for themselves: whether to send a video with or without audio?

Sending WhatsApp Videos Without Sound On Android: Here’s How

If you want to determine for yourself whether the video clip is set up for the recipient of the original audio message, you can do so in the application’s editing process. You can insert text and stickers here before the video is sent, sculpt the video and, if necessary, disable thanks to the new button. The duration of the video and the file size are listed below in the bar showing the individual frames of the clip to be edited. To the left of these two messages is now a loudspeaker icon: turn the sound on or off here. If the speaker is passed, the video will play again without sound when editing is complete.

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New WhatsApp functionality: This is what disables forwarded videos

Disabling only works for videos you upload to the messenger service, not for sent messages. So, if you want to send a video you received from a colleague or friend, for example, without sound, you need to take a little detour. Instead of simply sending the message as before, the video clip should be re-uploaded directly from the cell phone’s own memory, while chatting with the person who wants to receive the video without sound. WhatsApp usually automatically stores the videos you watch in your phone’s memory, so finding the video here is easy. After uploading, the process is the same as the video you recorded: open the clip in the editor, disable it on the bottom left, and save the changes.

WhatsApp: Problem with usage

WhatsApp is part of the Facebook team and will always be angry about protecting users ’privacy and personal data. The application is popular because it always thanks to new practical functions and quick communication for a wide range of applications. Another drastic change in the terms of use was planned for February, but was postponed for a few months due to initial rejection by users. (I)