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Here comes the new and awesome Donking, which will be exciting according to this leak

One of the most loved games of all time is going back, read Tanking. No, stop, Nintendo has not made any official announcement, but the rumors circulating in the last hours about the return of the beautiful chimpanzee are getting more and more persuasive and as a result we have a strong chance that we can come back soon to play the game. A game that has fascinated many generations.

Donking is coming back: the leaked word

During the latest E3, Los Angeles Electronic Arts revealed that Nintendo was active in a number of games, including the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, but did not provide any information about Donkey. Still, according to The well-known leak of the network, the chip, Insider is considered to be the most reliable, ready to look historic Big N IP Nintendo Switch. As Zippo explained, the game will be In production for three yearsHe said he was surprised no one talked about it during the Los Angeles exhibition. The interior speaks with certainty, as many sources reveal it Confirmed that the game is in progress, And Nintendo obviously treats him very seriously, just like his main character, Read Indestructible Super Mario.

Donking is ready to return
Donking is ready to return: News

Donkey Kong is back: Zippo Liquor provides a lot of information

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In this regard, Zippo explained that Danley Kong’s game will be a classic Triple A and will be there as well. It will also be the site for an animated production, Although it is unclear whether this is a film or a series. In addition, Nintendo also plans the inevitable CommercializationAs well as the expansion of theme parks. “An interesting case – in the words of Zippo on his blog – apparently this game has been in development for over 3 years now, and if I had been a gambler I would have thought it would have been on E3, but it was not. He continued ”.

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Then he concluded: “This new game is not just once, DK is again being taken seriously by the big me, which should be good news for fans around the world. Be patient. “Words that sound like music to all fans of the cute little monkey have been able to provide hours of fun in all of his publications over the years. Among other things, many of you probably don’t know it. Super Mario first appeared in a video game starring Donkey Kong, The famous “platform”, in which the world’s most famous plumber had to go up a terrible path blocked by beautiful fur.