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Domonobu Itakaki, the third creator of the Devils, invented the Itakaki Games – ntower

Japanese video game designer Domonobu IdakakiThis is mainly for growth Corpse or alive– and Ninja CaytonKnown series, has set up a new studio – Idakaki game. After he left Koi Techmo (later Techmo) in 2008, he co-founded Valhalla Game Studios with some other game developers in 2010, six years ago. The third of the devil Released for Wii U. However, in August 2017, he left the studio again. But now Domonobu Idakaki, the man with black hair and ubiquitous sunglasses, says he is ready for something new.

The news about setting up the studio comes from his Facebook page, to which he responds Interview January 6 marks the 30th anniversary of the first Xbox, with Bloomberg. In an interview he revealed that he has been promoting young talent for the past four years, but now wants to dedicate himself to creating games again.

But if you want the third part of the Devils or another game Nintendo Click He hopes he will unfortunately be disappointed. Domonobu Itaky has already announced that his new title will be PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | Appears only for S and PC. But it will definitely be a while before release, so let’s wait and see if he and his new studio want to use Nintendo’s console in the future.

Were you excited about the port of the first part for the new Devil’s Third or Nintendo Switch?