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Rare tribute to missing developer -

Rare tribute to missing developer –

Rare introduction in The sea of ​​thieves A new task to pay tribute to the developer who passed away in March 2020 last year. Search “The legend of Glitterbird“: The reason that led to the choice of name is easily understood in the tweet below.

The developer in question was called James White, and he worked Data Analyst Su See of Thiruves Until he dies. Rare Alex Hanniset colleague “exceptionally bright and friendly” and “A gentle giant With a warm and hearty smile, the person below the earth and with an epic beard would still be proud of the great pirates. ”

Sea of ​​Thiruves: The Legend of Glitterbird

Hanniset further writes, “As we approach the anniversary of his passing, we will bring the results of his works, The Legend of Glitterbeard, into play. We hope we have captured the spirit of James, The condition of a man hidden only by his mercy and compassion. “It’s definitely a tribute that warms the hearts of fans of thieves.

We remind you that Sea of ​​Thieves is available on PC and Xbox consoles. You can play the game on Steam or you can use the Game Pass subscription to access it. The game is constantly supported with new content and events – here is the trailer that will release a lot of upcoming prizes to celebrate 20 million players.

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