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Does the naughty dog ​​make multiplayer gas on the PS5?  Job Posting Clues

Does the naughty dog ​​make multiplayer gas on the PS5? Job Posting Clues

With the opening of a new position in the Naughty Dog Studio, Dads from Unstoppable and The Lost of S series provide some interesting clues to one of them Mysterious plans in development cited by Neil Truckman In a recent interview.

Naughty Dog Job Announcement Clarifies Intent To Hire California Software Home “Economic Designer”, It is a professional person “Create ways for our players to express themselves, ensure longevity for our games and give users the opportunity to reap great rewards for their hard work.”.

The description of the tasks and skills required for the new economic designer of the naughty dog ​​follows the playful styles of so-called titles Direct service The Cos, I Games with continuous development As with COD in Warson or Fortnite, it encourages users to continue the experience through regular updates and events launched on a seasonal basis.

Job posting also informs developers interested in submitting their application “The person selected will be responsible for the design, implementation and tuning of the game economy and player development systems. This person will work with other designers.. This is rumored though Our last 2’s multiplayer mode?

Recently, unavoidable (often unreliable) anonymous sources suggested how a leaked naughty dog ​​on the web is now going to unfold Untitled Chronicle and TLOU 2 dark pages for PS5.

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