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Sonos ROM Presented by: Sonos Shows New Mini Speakers |  Life & Knowledge

Sonos ROM Presented by: Sonos Shows New Mini Speakers | Life & Knowledge

With Sonos ROM, California audio professionals have introduced their smallest mobile loudspeakers that can operate outside your own home. The device is small, light, slim and should go with you quickly and easily.

After the Sonos move, ROM is the second Sonos speaker to have Bluetooth, and it has the option to run outside of home WiFi.

Simple format

If the Move is still a heavy monster (3kg) mobile, but does not invite you to carry it from the kitchen to the terrace, the ROM is very compact. It is slightly higher than 16 cm in height and can be easily grasped with one hand. Weighing in at 430 grams, the Sonos Neuer is perfect for carrying quickly.

Sonos ROM is available in black and white

Photo: Manufacturer

This design is strongly reminiscent of the shape of well-known Bluetooth speakers such as the Ultimate Ears Boom Series. Instead of a completely rounded tube, Sonos chose a strong rounded triangle at the top view. This is primarily to give the Roman the option to flatten.

More Bluetooth than Multi Room

Due to the “take it” concept, the speaker focuses on connectivity via Bluetooth or AirPlay 2 (for iOS devices) with the smartphone. Of course, because when you are out, do not use your home wifi.

But, especially at home, Sonos offers really interesting innovations, at least for Sonos fans. First and foremost is the new “Sound Swap” feature, which automatically sends the playback to the nearest Sonos loudspeaker at home when the Play / Pass button is pressed for a long time.

But charging the battery is also an interesting feature. Optionally, the sound reel can also be powered wirelessly. You can buy a Sonos charging pad or use any other charging mat that uses the Qi system. The rhombus can of course also be charged via cable via USB-C.

Teaser movie

Outside the home WLAN, Bluetooth takes over the connection to the smartphone

Photo: Manufacturer

Wet accent is not an issue

Like all the latest Sonos devices, Roman can send voice instructions to Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s assistant. In addition, the speaker is IP67 certified so that rain is not a problem and it should survive even a short complete bath in water without damage.

Teaser movie

The loudspeaker is compatible with water

Photo: Manufacturer

Sonos Rome costs 179 euros and can be ordered immediately. The speaker will go on sale on April 20th.

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