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Does Monster Hunter World oppose Cross Play and Save Sony? Everything is a lie

Does Monster Hunter World oppose Cross Play and Save Sony? Everything is a lie

As many remember, 2020 ended in a complicated way for the Japanese video game company Capcom victim of violent ransomware attack.

Update – News Denied, Sources misunderstood the documents, did not pay Sony Capcom to delay the release of Monster Hunter World on PC, and the document did not mention anything about cross-play and cross-save. The original message was as follows.

The latter refers to the spread over the web of a vast collection of different types of secret objects. Following the announcement of the data theft, Capcom It refused to have a conversation with the perpetrators and decided to involve competent officers instead. Unfortunately, as is often the case in these cases, it is not yet possible to prevent the spread of illegal theft. This situation led to a proliferation of rumors on the network in the months following the event Leaks are said to be Precisely linked to the contents of documents stolen from Capcom (recently inserted by Metacritic Top Publishers 2020).

With the constant rumors, a long wave of increasing community attention has yet to seem to stop. In the latter case, the latest announcement from the active video game Datamine on Twitter “AsteriskAmpersandThe latter claims that one of the stolen documents confirms, as can be seen at the bottom of this message.Sony intervention Before release Monster Hunter: World And subsequent expansion Monster Hunter World: Ice. In particular, the company would have paid Capcom in exchange for the postponement of the release and announcement PC version Sports. Sony will also be responsible for the absence Cross play e Cross-save Within Monster Hunter: The World.

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In reporting this notice, we remind you that this is unconfirmed information, so it may prove to be false in whole or in part.