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WhatsApp: This new button provides a practical function when sending videos

WhatsApp: This new button provides a practical function when sending videos

New functionality for WhatsApp: For Android users who want to send videos, Messenger now has a special button (index image).

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WhatsApp introduces a new functionality: For Android users who want to send videos, there is now a special button in Messenger.

  • New feature in Share*: In Ambassador Expanded again by a function.
  • With one Special button Users can use Settings When sending Videos Change.
  • New function in Share Currently only available Android devices Available.

Cassel – Manufacturer Share Expand popular functions Ambassador Service. With current Update Users can look forward to the introduction of the new button, which specifically enables sending Videos To be improved. However, the invention has so far only been available for use Android devices.

Recently, WhatsApp has become known as the self-destructing function News A Update Introduced. You can use this feature Share-Messages can be delivered with a timer, which ensures automatic deletion of messages after seven days.

WhatsApp adds new video functionality for Android users

In Ambassador Service Share Is for users AndroidNow devices have added a new functionality. Who owns a cell phone with it Google operating system Can no longer Videos Send without sound. Use the new button on Share You can disable videos before sending them.

Name Share
Developer WhatsApp Inc. / Facebook Inc.
Year of issue 2009
Type Instant message

“You can now mute the sound when sharing videos. Tap the Disable icon before sending, ”it says Google-Play-Store New WhatsApp-Update. Users AppleDevices need to be more patient. Function in the current version Ambassadors Not listed in the App Store.

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Video: There are now self-destructive messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp: How to send videos without sound

Before sending, you can use the so-called editing function Share Including texts and stickers on the selected one Video Insert. Additionally, the video can be trimmed and, thanks to the new button, disabled if needed. However, you can only disable your own videos inserted in WhatsApp. Videos sent News Cannot edit with this function.

Users AndroidDevices can be found here Share Below the bar showing that the editor should edit the video, there is now a speaker icon on the left, next to the duration of the video and the file size. Tone here Videos Will be turned on and off. If the speaker is passed, the video will play again without sound after editing.

The new data protection guidelines will apply to WhatsApp from May 15

Who is the ambassador Share Installed on the cell phone, must be in the updated state before a Virus Beware. Experts explain how users can properly protect themselves. To WhatsApp users New until May 15th Privacy Policy I agree. (Helena Greece) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA.