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Smartphone SMS

Do not open this SMS, it is a scam

Bad news for Orange operator French customers. A Quantity fraud It especially affects many people nowadays due to well-designed SMS. In the latter, it is written that the operator provides a procedure to compensate customers “Fractures During Imprisonment”.

Do not believe it, do not even open that SMS. Unfortunately, this is a scam using the phishing method, which is very popular among malicious individuals on the net. Thanks to French Television correspondent Julian Solin, we were able to discover the waiting stages in detail. Orange customers It will fall into the trap.

Steps to do

To warn The risk of orange fraud SMS, The journalist showed different steps when clicking on the link in the message. Already, this refers to a site as described “Very well done” Written by Julian Solin, “AccountOrange” with the operator’s third-party site-like address.

Even more dangerous: the operator sends a message to the orange channel, which you may have stored in your contacts. A formidable criterion These are the dangers of misleading 2021 SMS highly skeptical or aware of phishing and cyber security issues. So according to the journalist, the orange SMS was sent directly to his operator’s discussion thread following the official messages.

Once on the malicious site, a real customer trip is shown and the process, again, seems very serious. The customer’s number, name and address are requested. Then, the compensation amount will be displayed. Besides, you are asked to save Coordinates of your card Bank. This usually requires you to put yourself on the hook.

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Do not store this information, it will not be interested in compensation, and you will need to empty your bank account. With this information, attackers can only do about anything, even if you do not realize it at the time (often retraction is small in size, they only become an issue over time).

Orange responds, his advice

Finally, note that Orange responded to Julian Solin. The operator confirmed on Twitter « Supported By its teams “ The problem. In addition, the company only invites you to report this type of spam on the platform. On stage, this is also advisable Resend message Spam to number 33700. This number is free for Orange, Boise Telecom, Euro-Telecom and SFR customers.

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