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Messenger Facebook: pourquoi il ne faut surtout pas cliquer sur le lien «ça te ressemble»

Do not click on the “Looks like this” link

This is the message that appears on your Facebook Messenger: ” It sounds like you », With a broken heart and a strange connection that leads to video. The message is being sent The last few days have been like wildfire, Analyze our colleagues from Numarama.

In fact, the message did not come from one of your contacts, but from a hacker A fishing attempt.

If you click on the link, you will be sent to a fake YouTube page, which asks you to give your Facebook username and password நீங்கள் You send it directly to hackers. They can then log in to the victims’ Facebook account and spread their phishing campaign to all their contacts. The goal is to spread the word about the campaign as much as possible, in order to collect as many Facebook identities as possible. This type of data actually sells well in some forums.

What if I have already clicked and entered my password?

You will need to change your account password from the “Security and Connection” section. This will be disconnected if the hacker has already taken the opportunity to access your account. It will prevent reconnection. Then, warn all your contacts not to click on the link.

Finally, if you receive a questionable message on the Internet, do not hesitate to report it here: https: //

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