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Do I need a Nintendo Switch online to play?

Do I need a Nintendo Switch online to play?

During the week, Apex Legends Finally introduced Nintendo SwitchGrante N’s hybrid console allows owners to move and play Battle Royale on TV, perhaps taking advantage of the opportunity to target Joy-con motion sensors.

However, many users have not yet downloaded the title Respon Entertainment They do not understand whether it is mandatory to subscribe to Nintendo’s online service or not Nintendo Switch Online, Can start Apex Legends and take part in online competitions. If you ask yourself this question, you do not have to be a subscriber to play it, as Fortnight Pataclia Real and Nintendo Switch play for free on Eishop.

It must be expressed accurately Electronic Arts The page dedicated to frequently asked questions on the official website has been updated in the last few hours in the Nintendo Switch section.

Here is the question and its answer:

“Do you need a Nintendo Switch online to play Apex Legends? No, you do not need a Nintendo Switch online account to play Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch.”

Unfortunately not enjoying cross-storage support but only cross-game before we run to download the game, we remind you Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch runs handheld on 576p. You can find one on our pages Video comparison between Apex Legends Nintendo Switch and PS4 Pro versions.

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