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Dismissed an employee who had been signing emails with obscene language for years

Dismissed an employee who had been signing emails with obscene language for years

Based on the controversy Activision blizzard harassment case And from Request for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kodik, The Wall Street Journal hosted a podcast on the company’s delay in taking action against an employee who signed emails with sexually provocative phrases.

In describing this unfortunate fact, the reporter Kirsten Grind It was considered appropriate to underline that Luxury and “brotherhood” culture Activision has permeated the overall corporate and work cloth of the blizzard, normalizing the operations carried out by those who have no qualms about covering every one of his emails pornographically, like the employee now mentioned. “1-800-Alcock”.

The case cited by Grind falls within the category of investigative reports California authorities To expose all possible misconduct and cover-ups that the top units of Activision Blizzard may have committed over the years. According to a WSJ reporter, “An Activision employee has signed her corporate emails as 1-800-ALLCOCK for years. Does it seem normal for every female employee to be compelled to receive such emails and be subjected to these behaviors?.

Based on the restructuring of events provided by the Wall Street Journal reporter, Activision’s top management may have decided to take action against this employee. Only from this summer, After receiving a Claim And followed an internal investigation which lasted about a month until it reached him Final dismissal.

Activision Blizzard Liaison Officer, Helen Claski, Spoke with Kodak’s microphones to underline how “Our team started an investigation into a complaint regarding the use of this phone number and dismissed the employee at the end of the investigation.”. However, there has been no confirmation or denial of the WSJ’s author’s statement in the years required to take action against this anonymous employee from the Activision blizzard representative.

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