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Vitalog.  Heritage in good hands

Vitalog. Heritage in good hands

Jean-Claude Guilhem, president of the Discovery and Heritage Preservation Association, gave an update on its activities following last week’s general assembly. The association has 47 members till date. Over the past year various dirt roads and heritage features have been maintained. Along with hiking and mountain biking, there were many other activities to “discover Vitalog”. On the other hand, this season should not be strolling under the stars, apple and quince juice day, intergenerational Christmas or the Pelotte competition due to the health crisis.

The Financial Statement 2022-2023 offers membership fees of €15 for a family or €10 for an individual, free for beneficiary members.

2022-2023 activities are many. Starting this Saturday, July 9, a cleaning session is scheduled for dirt roads and small heritage. Then, Thursday, July 14, with hiking and mountain biking. Thursday, August 4, night walk to discover the planets and constellations, meeting in the hamlet of Beaumerle from 7pm, bag picnic followed by walk at 9pm.

On Saturday, October 1st, the association will participate in the operation “1000 Hands of Flour for GR 65” towards Santiago de Compostela. Saturday, October 22, Upgrading Small Traditions, meet in the youth room at 9 a.m., apple and quince juice production at 3 p.m. Saturday, December 17 Intergenerational Christmas and refreshments in the village hall. The Pelotte tournament is scheduled for February 2023, date to be determined.

Jean-Claude Guilhem would like to highlight “all the volunteers who work (outside the association) in maintaining the small heritage, cleaning the hiking trails and beautifying our town”.

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The Patrimoine de Laramière Association invites you to visit the site “Friends of the History and Natural Environment of Laramière”; You can find reports of activities and hiking trails to download.