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Discovered a hidden audio file with clues about the story -

Discovered a hidden audio file with clues about the story –

Hollow is infinite The last few hours have seen a good update of 343 Industries, one of which Audio file With some elements Game Story, Linked to the events of Halo 5.

The February update on Hollow Infinity was brought in above all else Information Regarding the working status of the world construction, as well as the graphics conditions with the release of new images. The developers talked about the sandbox and the big map that characterizes the new chapter, but a note hidden inside the post Record audio, Can be reached through a link.

You can hear this in the video below, but consider that some of it may be Spoiler For those who have not finished the story of Halo 5: Defenders or those unfamiliar with previous events

The first part of the audio recording is a Conversation Da La Holsey And a UNSC official focusing on taking control of the Cortana galaxy following the events of Hollow 5. Master Leadership, Asks Dr. Holsey what the plans and conditions of artificial intelligence are.

Holsey later points out that all AI parked in the galaxy is under influence, even if it turns against UNSC. Cordana, These should not be hostile to the Master Chief, which suggests the possibility of an alliance, or in any case some breakthroughs may occur in terms of the special relationship between the Chief and Cordana.

Therefore, we continue to track Hollow Way Point in the coming months for further updates from 343 Industries, within the update plan promised by the developers in this approach to the introduction of Hollow Infinite.

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Hollow Infinite is back to show itself with new images