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In-App-Käufe deaktivieren

Disable in-app purchases: It works on iOS and Android

Cost traps are everywhere! The most popular of these are called domesticProcessorPurchases that allow you to spend money within mobile plans. One reads again and again in the media how children accidentally spend their parents ’money, sometimes in the six-point range! But you can prevent this from the beginning and disable in-app purchases on all mobile phones.

In this article, we will explain how you can protect yourself and your children from expensive purchases in use and cover them completely. iOS And Android Can crash. So you will always be on the safe side and protected from cost traps.

Disable in-app purchases on iOS: Here’s how

With “Restrictions”, Apple offers a functionality on its devices that allows you to save money, but not accidentally or Prevent unauthorized purchases from the iTunes Store or App Store. For example, you may need to enter the password for a purchase, which may prevent certain types of purchases altogether or cause the purchase to be completely disabled. Let us now explain step by step how it works:

  1. Go to Settings Your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).
  2. Go to “Screen time“Click this point.
  3. There you are “Restrictions.
  4. Here you put it under the switch Active controls.
  5. Now you can “Purchase from iTunes & App Store“Click.
  6. There you have it. “App Purchase.

Can no longer make purchases within apps. Creating subscriptions is no longer possible. So, you or your kids can play carefree on iPhone or iPod without spending money through utility engines.

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Disable in-app purchases on Android: Here’s how

Enabling authentication may prevent accidental or unauthorized purchases from the Play Store app. In other words: you use a password that acts as a “guard” in between. You can still enter the payment method for the purchase, but the fee must be approved first. It works on Android:

  1. Open and tap the Google Play Store Your account icon on the top right.
  2. There you go to the point “Settings.
  3. Here it goes with the entry “User control“Further.
  4. There you will find the point “Authorization required for purchase.
  5. Now set the switch in the menu “For all purchases made on Google Play on this device

We are no longer talking about a classic “disable in-app purchase”, but a clear barrier has been built by this method, which can protect against dangerous miss clicks.