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Update your Mac now!

Update your Mac now!

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Mac owners are being asked to update without further delay, posing a “serious risk” for hackers to exploit what has been described as one of the worst vulnerabilities affecting Apple computers for decades. This defect was discovered in January, and it is very urgent to apply the corrections.

Patrick Wardle, a former NSA researcher and MacOS security expert, describes the flaw as taking Mac security a decade ago, describing the bug as one of the most dangerous ever seen on a MacOS operating system. This vulnerability allows hackers to control the victim’s computer by bypassing all Apple protections in MacOS, such as Keeper Keeper or File Isolation (protections designed to prevent the implementation of dangerous unreliable applications), and so on. Notification Applications.

To gain control of the victim’s computer, hackers must trust the user to download or run an app that is not in the App Store or Apple’s approved. After completing this step, install Malware This is done without any hindrance as no security barrier is enforced macOS Stops any modification of complex system files and asks the user if the application can access photos, microphones or other computers. For Mac owners who have not yet updated the MacOS, Patrick Wardell’s advice is simple: “Do not open anything from anyone.”

The bug affects all the latest versions of MacOS, but Apple has released a solution to prevent attacks. Big Sur version 11.3 Now available and contains other fixes. According to Patrick Wardlin, it’s amazing that Apple allowed such a hole to exist until then. “It simply undermines Apple’s security efforts. It is clear that this code has never been censored, ”he said Forbes.

A spokesman D’Apple The company said it fixed the issue with the update macOS 11.3. In addition, Apple teams have updated Xprotect, the malware detection system for Macs, in January to prevent vulnerabilities using the vulnerabilities identified. This Exprotect update will be done automatically, and will apply in advance to older versions of MacOS.

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The bug was first discovered by security analyst Cedric Owens in mid-March. The researcher found that some scripts in the applications were not validated வாயிற்காப்போன், Proprietary technology that ensures that only reliable software runs on the Mac. Previously, Cedric Owens invented Appify, a legitimate tool that successfully circumvented controls. வாயிற்காப்போன் Thanks to a tool that allows developers in 2011 to build basic MacOS applications with a simple script. Cedric Owens copied these techniques and tested his fake Malware The updated Mac is set to be highly restricted with gatekeeper settings. When he clicked ‘Download’ it ran without any pop-ups and he should have been warned that he was going to run unreliable software. Thus he was able to take control of the remote test Mac.

Cedric Owens informed Apple that it had fixed a bug in MacOS Pixar 11.3 beta. After testing this new version, he confirmed that it is possible to protect a Mac from this type of attack.

Possible attacks Thanks to “Schiller”

Time for Cedric Owens to report Apple According to Jaron Bradley, a cyber security expert at JAMF, released on Monday, April 26, 2021, hackers have already captured this vulnerability. Research on these attacks. According to him, on January 9, 2021, hackers operating a macos malware called “Schleier” began to use this zero-day vulnerability. The ultimate goal of this malware is to install adware on Max, which allows hackers to make money with fake clicks and fake ad displays. Often, Scholar will be installed on the victim’s Mac by fake application installers or updates. “Schleier continues to be one of the families Malware Very active and popular for Magos, ”says Jaron Bradley.

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It is not yet clear who else discovered and exploited this Error, We do not know the number of users affected by this attack.

Good macOS Hacking attempts are less common than Windows, and Macs are still the subject of attacks. In late February, several researchers discovered new malware targeting the MacOS operating system «Silver Sparrow. The malware affected both systems with the Intel process and the new M1 processors designed by Apple. Nearly 30,000 Apple computers have been affected.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Thomas Brewster

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