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Buzzing, the first soundtrack of a flight to Mars is available

Buzzing, the first soundtrack of a flight to Mars is available

Selfie of the rover perseverance next to the small ingenuity helicopter. – NASA-UPI-CIBA

  • The microphone made by Perseverance Rover Toulouse was able to record the sound of Mars drone ingenious blades.
  • Considering the low density of the Martian atmosphere, scientists did not expect so much.

This buzz you have to listen to is “a gold mine” for scientists. On May 1, Mars Rover’s microphone Diligence During the fourth flight on the Red Planet the little ingenuity was able to pick up the sound of the helicopter’s blades. The record was released by NASA on Friday, May 9th
Toulouse, To researchers at the High Aerospace and Space Agency
(ISAE-SUPAERO) The creator of the microphone led by Cnes, this soundtrack is “a big surprise”. Because it was 80 meters away from the rover when the drone took off.

“Our experiments on a Martian atmospheric simulator to design this instrument and our theories about sound propagation told us that it would be very difficult for a microphone to capture the sounds of a helicopter,” explains Naomi Murdoch, who is in charge of analyzing the data. Sound on ISAE-SUPAERO. Atmosphere of Mars, very low [équivalente à seulement 1 % de l’atmosphère terrestre], Strongly observes sound transmission. We should have been lucky enough to book a helicopter this far. ”

A piano “my”

So we were lucky to deliver this background noise with a frequency of 84 Hz, which, according to experts, is equivalent to the “low” e “or human bass voice of a piano,” new views of the Martian atmosphere.

The microphone is installed on the Franco-American Supergame instrument, whose laser eyes strip Mars rocks, and the sound associated with them to better classify them. This “space ear” was put into service for the first time just hours after the “landing” of diligence, and has already given us the first impression of the turmoil and wind rocking the Red Planet.

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